I’m gonna come out and say it, I loved the first Fantastic Four movie, a lot of critics and especaily the fanboys critically raped it bemoaning the fact that it was fun and not at all serious. That was what I liked about it, it was fun, the playfulness between Johnny Storm and Ben Grimm were some of the higlights of the film, and I love a good origin story. In a time where most comic book films have gone the dark and moody route ( which I do love) it’s nice to have a colourful film that looks like a comic. So despite the bad reviews we now find ourselves with a sequel, Rise Of the Silver Surfer, the title says it all really.

   It’s a few years later and the FF have become big celebrities, Johnny especially loving the spotlight, and New York is gearing itself for the wedding of the year between Sue Storm and Mr Fantastic. Meanwhile in a galaxy far far away we see a planet being destroyed by a gigantic cloud and flying out of the remains the Silver Surfer, and his next target Earth. Cue scenes of him arriving on Earth leaving big holes everywhere, messing with the weather and accidentily freeing Von Doom from his metal body cast.  Obviously the US aren’t happy about this strangers arrival and call on the Four to find out who he is, much to Sue’s annoyance as she wants her husband to focus on the wedding. As you can guess the Surfer picks the wrong time to turn up, crashing the wedding, and from then on stealing the film. The army thinks he’s the enemy the Four aren’t as sure. There’s also some fun from Johnny’s brush with the surfer which affects all who touch him.

   With his name in the title a lot of the film is going to hang on the Surfer and he doesn’t disappoint, he looks amazing. Doug Jones who has done the physical movement for Abe Sapian in Hellboy and the Fawn in Pan’s Labyrinth gives another great physical performance for the CG giving the Surfer a real prescence and extreme coolness, especially in the way he melds with the board as if it is part of him. The make-up artist do a great job when we see him in the flesh as well. Though with Lawrence Fishburne providing the voice it does get a bit Morpheus. 

With the rest of the cast back for a second they are now more confident in their characters, with Chris Evans again being the standout as Johnny. Despite being one of the sexiest women on earth Jessica Alba does need to work on her acting a bit though.  Julian Mcmahon does ham it up even more than the first film, but luckily he’s not in it a huge amount.

  With it being a sequel it obviously has to be bigger and it most definitely is in the action stakes, with a cool sequence at the London eye and a much better final face off than the one at the end of the first film. My one criticism of the film, and it’s an odd one these days, is that it is too short it feels a bit rushed, we don’t really get time to find out about the surfer, they try to tell us all we need to know in a one minute conversation between him and Sue. An extra few minutes here and there would have fleshed it out a bit. Overall though it’s a good fun film, that all the family will enjoy apart from the fan boys who will probably hate it! Rating 6/10