So we come to part three of the part three’s, after Spidey 3 and Pirates 3, arrives Shrek The Third.  Since the first film came out it has become a huge franchise, probably more than was expected , so it is no real surprise we find ourselves with a new chapter. With Fiona’s father on his death lily, she and Shrek have been left in charge of Far Far Away, much to Shrek’s reluctance. When the loveable ogre is told there is another heir to the throne, he, Donkey and Puss set off in search of the young Arthur or Artie to his friends, but not before Fiona drops the bombshell that Shrek will be a father. So the next quest begins for our three friends where along the way they will meet Merlin amongst others. While Shrek is away Prince Charming returns with a selection of fairytale villains ready to take over the kingdom leaving Fiona and the princesses to fight back.

   Of the part three’s so far this year, they have all been a slight disappointment on what came before, (though Pirates 3 was a horrible disappointment compared to Spidey which had just too much going on), but Shrek was a pleasant surprise. Leading up to it’s release a lot of critics had been slagging it off, but for me it was good fun. As with most cg films the visual imagery just gets better and this time Shrek looks even more real than before, the human characters especially are starting to get a scary realism to them.  Obviously it’s all well and good looking great but you have to have some substance and Shrek The Third does, though not as good as the first one. It has elements the kids will enjoy as well as parts the parents will recognise, namely fatherhood. Most of the cast return from the previous films with a couple of new additions on the voice cast with Justin Timberlake as the voice of Artie and Eric Idle pops up as a slightly frazzled Merlin. As with Shrek the small characters provide some of the funniest moments, especially Pinnochio and the Gingerbread man. Unfortunately the two funniest characters are sort of pushed to the background with Donkey and Puss just giving advice, though they do get the odd funny moments.  The one quite surreal moment for me personally was when Shrek and Co get to Artie’s school which is called Worcestershire, my home county!!  How odd is that, and is especially funny when Shrek and Donkey are trying to say it, something i’ve heard people struggle with before.  With sequels it is usually a case of diminishing returns and it is the case with Shrek The Third, but not in a bad way, yes it isn’t a patch on the original, which was a classic, and doesn’t match up with the sequel, but is still a good film. If you like the Shrek films, which I do, (well I like most animated movies), you will enjoy this third installment. I did find myself thinking do I want to see a fourth part and at first I thought no, but I like the characters and would really like to see more of them, as long as they get a better story. Overall enjoyable fun, but not as good as the previous films. Rating 6/10