The man in the vest is back, though it’s more of a green thermal top, (must be getting cold in his old age). Of course I am talking about John McClane, the man we last saw fishing for Jeremy Irons helicopter in Die Hard With A Vengeance. This time he is dealing with cyber terrorists led by Timothy Olyphant, who are trying to send the US back to the stone age. After McClane is asked to pick up a known hacker, Justin Long, he finds he’s not the only one after him, and has to play babysitter whilst kicking bad guy butt. As more of the infrastructure collapses McClane and hacker Farrell find themselves trying to stay one step ahead of the terrorists, resulting in some amazing set pieces, though most you’ve seen in the trailer!

   With Len Wiseman (Underworld) in the directors chair the film does have a different feel to previous installments, though not in a bad way. The action lives up to the previous films, though you will recognise some sequences from other films like True Lies and The Lost World. Because some of the sequences are a bit silly, they sort of remove the ‘whole ordinary guy in extraordinary situation’ style that made the original such a classic and still one of the best action films ever. After a slow start with Willis dealing with his daughter he soon falls back into the swing and we get the wisecracks we know and love, though minus the swears. This is one of the major problems with the film. In the US the film had a PG-13 rating, similar to our 12 certificate, and it shows, we get assholes, shit etc, but no fucks. Thing is you can see that they are there but have been edited out. If you ever saw the 15 video cut of Arnies’ Eraser you will know what I mean. All the previous films were 18 why change that to get kids in who don’t really know the original films. It looks extremely likely that the DVD will produce the version we all want to see, a version where he will get to say Yippe Key Ya Mother Fucker! Even the violence is toned down as well, whats stupid is that they deem it alright for women to get beaten on screen but you can’t say fuck. Apart from that it’s still a great action film, Olyphant has menace as much as  a cyber geek can, and Kevin Smith makes a funny appearance as Farrells hacker friend Warlock. If you loved the Die Hard Trilogy you will enjoy this new installment, but this toned down version will grate a bit. Roll on the Uncut DVD! Rating 7/10