Seems today is the day for new trailers, three have gone up online for three very different films. Firstly and the most intriguing is for JJ Abrams new flick, as far as we know he is only producing but like everything else surrounding this film it is being kept as a mystery. The trailer first appeared last week attached to Transformers and the net has been on fire with people raving about it. There have also been a couple of weird websites which have been attached to the film, though now they are denying it. It was rumoured to be called Cloverfield but now it seems to be called 1-18-08, though could be the release date! Anyway check it out at this address it looks pretty scary in a reality way, reminded me a bit of War Of The Worlds.

The next trailer is for Steve Carrell’s new comedy, not the one with the ark, but a new remake of the classic tv series Get Smart. Also starring the gorgeous Anne Hathaway and  The Rock, looks pretty funny though a bit like Austin Powers!

Finally we have Gone Baby Gone, the directorial debut of one Ben Affleck, continuing his recovery from the whole ‘Bennifer’ thing. It is a detective story based on a novel by Dennis Lahane, who also wrote awards magnet Mystic River. With a starry cast including, Morgan Freeman, Ed Harris and Michelle Monaghan. It follows the hunt for a missing four year old girl in Boston, having watched the trailer I think this will be a hard sell in this country, I will be very surprised if the trailer gets shown in the UK. Not because it is bad, quite the opposite, it’s just very close to the mark of whats in the news at the moment. Check the trailer and you will see what I mean.