It seems everytime a new Harry Potter film comes out, they say it’s darker than the previous one and this time they are right in some ways. The film starts with Harry in trouble with the ministry of magic for using his wand in public! He is adamant that the dark Lord Voldermort is back but everyone thinks he is mad, apart from Dumbledore and the Order OF The Phoenix who have been building an army ready for his return. The ministry want to keep Dumbledore on a short lead and so send Dolores Umbridge (brilliantly played by Imelda Staunton) to Hogwarts to be the new Dark  Arts teacher. Soon she is restricting everything from the syllabus to having fun. Still concerned about ‘You know who’ Harry starts a secret group of students to join Dumbledors Army teaching them all the spells they need to defend themselves. It’s quite a year for Harry, he gets his first kiss and meets up with Sirious Black again, but how will it all turn out?

   I think this is the most I have enjoyed amy of the films so far, I’m not a huge Harry Potter fan, I read a couple of the books and have liked the films so far but haven’t been blown away. This fifth installment has a great solid story that keeps you hooked, not knowing how it will resolve. For the first time I can commend the acting of the young cast, Daniel Radcliffe’s dabble with the stage has done him wonders, he is great in the lead role, even Rupert Grint has stopped just pulling faces. Obviously the rest of the cast of British Thesps produce their usual high standards. Director David Yates has done a great job coming into a franchise five films in and make it feel fresh. Rating 8/10