With only a week until it’s release, Simpson fans like myself are getting quite excited, but what to do till then. If you live in the US you could go and visit a Kwik e Mart, as they have rebranded all 7-11 stores in the Simpson shop brand and are even selling related food. If you live in the Uk you could go and visit Homer Erectus as he has become known, I am talking about the giant homer that has been painted on the side of a hill next to the Cerne Abbas Giant in Somerset which has apparaently offended the Pagans.

  If you don’t want to leave the house though, you couldn’t do worse than visit the official Simpsons Movie website at . There are a couple of fun mini games you can play including putting Homer in charge of a wrecking ball! For me though the funniest bit is the create your own Simpson feature where they provide everything you need to make a character, and then you can make it look like you if you wish. If you look at the top of the post you can see mine which bares a slight resemblance!