Two new superhero stories today, what a great start to the day! Firstly the news that they have got a director for the long muted Wolverine movie, finally giving the best character his own film. Hugh Jackman is returning with his adamantium claws and taking the directing duties is Gavin Hood. Who? Yes that was my immedite reaction. He directed a film called TSOTSI, haven’t seen it but heard it was pretty good. Seems an odd choice, but the last time that happened with a comic book was when Ang Lee directed The Hulk and I quite liked that. They are planning to begin filming soon with the possibility of a Summer 2008 release.

   Now if you thought that director was a weird choice, this is even weirder. Comic actor Seth Rogen is to write and star in ‘The Green Hornet’. The Green Hornet is millionaire by day and crime fighter by night along with his bodyguard Kato. This was going to be Kevin Smith’s first big film a few years back but he dropped out, so now it has fallen into Rogen’s lap. A lot of you will be saying “who’s this Rogen dude?” pretty soon everyone will know him. If you have seen ‘The 40 Year Old Virgin’ you will know him as bearded store room guy Cal. He will next be seen in the comedy ‘Knocked Up’ which looks hilarious from the trailer, which you can find on this blog. The  later in the year he has  film called Superbad, which he co wrote, which again looks very funny, check out the trailer: http://www.apple.com/trailers/sony_pictures/superbad/    He may not be your usual looking hero but will probably be the funniest!