I can remember the first episode I ever watched of the Simpsons, it was the one with the three eyed fish and Mr Burns running for office. Until then I had heard of the show but not having Sky back in 1995 I hadn’t seen it. Thankfully one of my uni house mates brought a tape with loads of episodes he had taped of Sky and I was hooked from then on. Now I have a big poster of Homer on my door, a large selections of the figures, a Homer alarm clock and all the dvd boxsets so far, you could say I was a fan! When I heard they were making a movie I was slightly excited and now at the second attempt (it was sold out last week!) I finally got to see it.

  So the story, well Homer gets a pig and puts the whole of Springfield in danger, thats it in a nutshell without giving too much away.  Homer’s new pet , Spiderpig or Harry Plopper as he’s known becomes the focus of Homer attention, which as we know is easily distracted and so Bart starts to feel left out, and starts hanging out with Flanders. Yes the world is coming to an end!

   Making the transition from TV to the big screen can be hard but sometimes it works like the South Park movie and even Beavis and Butthead, so how does the ultimate yellow family fare? Well pretty good, it doesn’t really feel like a movie though more of a very extended episode with the only thing to distinguish it from the TV version the use of some neat CGI. It starts off pretty good with an Itchy and Scratchy cartoon, which would have been funnier if the projector hadn’t stopped!, then cranks into the story which is great and loads of funny scenes, though most were in the trailer. Unfortunately after about 45 minutes it starts to lose it’s way a bit, don’t get me wrong it’s still funny but it feels like they were running out of ideas, which considering they have been going for 20 years is hard to believe.  If you are a Simpsons fan though, there are enough little jokes spread out amongst the film to keep your interest and raise a giggle, such as a crashed ambulance next to Springfield Gorge. For the first time viewer though I think they might get a bit impatient. Thing is it’s the Simpsons and even when they are below par they are still funnier than a lot of other comedies. Getting the original writers back has produced some classic Simpsons moments, though a bit more from some of the other residents of Springfield would have helped. This film is going to be a success no matter what critics say, (Empire magazine, for shame, 2 stars are you mad!!) and I wouldn’t bet against another big screen outing for our favourite disfunctional family, though hopefully we won’t have to wait another twenty years. Okay it wasn’t as good as my expectations, but they were pretty high, if you love The Simpsons you’ll love this. Rating 7/10

  Just a little note, if you like the film go to the official website and you can create you’re own Simpson character!!