Been a bit slack on the posts this week due to work and back ache, so here’s a little round up of a few stories from that land we call Hollywood.

Lost Boys Return

 A film that has been rumoured to be getting a sequel for years is The Lost Boys, Joel Schumacher’s 80’s classic about a gang of vampires. The Corey’s are back, Haim as Sam  and Feldman, as one half of the Frog brothers, whose other half is also returning. Of the rest of the original cast, it’s looking unlikely that Jason Patric will return, but in a bit of funny casting, the new leader of the vampires will be played by Kiefer Sutherland’s brother Angus. It will be directed by the guy that took the reigns on Dusk Till Dawn 3!!! it’s called ‘The Tribe’ and will likely be in a bargain bin near you soon.

Escape From New York.0

 One of those why bother sequels, this time of the John Carpenter classic, ‘Escape From New York’ has finally found a director. Following in Carpenters boots is Die hard 4.0 director Len Wiseman. Anyone who saw the latest John Mclane episode knows that Wiseman can handle action, though hopefully this time he won’t have to make it PG kiddie friendly. So who is taking over Kurt Russell’s eye patch as Snake Plissken, well none other than Gerald Butler, the leader of the Spartans in 300. Could be interesting or a pile of tosh!

Fantastic Remake

  Yet another remake goes into production, this time of the 70’s film Fantastic Voyage. Thats the one if you don’t remember that was about a group of scientists who are shrunk down into a miniature ship to go into the body to destroy a clot they only have a short time to do the job before the ship goes back to normal size and ruins somebody’s day! Taking the reins on the new adaption is Roland Emmerich, the man you may remember who brought us 90’s event movies, Stargate, Independence Day and Godzilla.