When Casino Royale came out last year everyone went on about how it paid a big debt to Jason Bourne in the way that it became more gritty and realistsic. Seems the Bond producers are in for a bit of a shock as Bourne is back and leaves even the new Bond looking stale.

  Kicking off where the Bourne Supremacy ended with a wounded Bourne walking off into the Moscow snow, this third installment goes straight into an unforgiving pace that doesn’t stop until the film ends.  The mystery of the hotel room sorted, Bourne is now on a mission to find out who he really is and who did this to him. When he reads an article in The Guardian about him and Treadstone by journalist Paddy Consindine he tracks him down to find out who his source is. This meeting in Waterloo Station is some of the most intense cinema you’ll see as the CIA use all the cctv cameras and agents to try and find and kill Bourne.  Bourne’s quest for the truth then finds him globetrotting from London to Paris to Morroco to New York. The Morroco sequence is the highlight of the movie with the trade mark Bourne driving sequence to a rooftop chase which ends in a brutal hand to hand fight. If you remember the car chase in Supremacy with admiration then prepare to be wowed by the New York sequence. 

  The Bourne Supremacy showed how good a director Paul Greengrass was, which he then proved with United 93, now he has outdone both of those films. The unrelenting pace of this film is amazing, clocking in at just under two hours it doesn’t stop, keeping you on the edge of your seat. Even when there are slower moments they are still edgy and keep the pace of the film going. The shaky camera style might annoy some people, and in some of the big action sequences it does make it hard to follow, but it gives the film a real kinetic energy, and an almost documentary style. Matt Damon again is fantastic in what is probably the best role he has had, looking genuinely troubled but also the cool calm assassin. The rest of the cast are also up to the task, with Joan Allen returning as Pamela Landy, Bourne’s maybe one friend, as well Julia Stiles agent. David Straithaim comes in as the head of new agency Blackbriar who’s only interested in protecting himself from what Bourne knows.

  Over three films Jason Bourne has had a big impact on the action film, and in Greengrass’s hands the last two films have been an example of what Hollywood can do if they treat the audience with respect and don’t talk down to them. This final installment is just an amazing film, as I said earlier it is just non stop, and in a summer of average Threequels this just puts them all in the shade. I loved Transformers because it was great fun, I love this film because it has everything you want from a film. If you loved the first two or just love intelligent films go see it now. Rating 9/10