When this film was released in the US earlier this year, posters appeared everywhere with lead Seth Rogen’s face with the tagline “What if this man got you pregnant?” A bit harsh on Rogen really, but does describe the film quite well.

  Seth Rogen plays Ben Stone, a bit of a no hoper, who with his mates are trying to set up a website with all the best best movie nude scenes. This he hopes will set him up for life and provide an income that he doesn’t have. On a night out with his pals he meets Katherine Heigls’ Alison Scott a wannabe reporter on the E channel and after a few drinks they click and end up in the sack. The next morning he’s impressed with his conquest, while she’s not so keen. Thinking it’s last time she will see him, they go their seperate ways, unfortunately he left something behind!  So what will they do, with this unexpected complication, and thats the crux of the story.

   You may remember Seth Rogen from director Judd Apatow’s previous film ‘The 40 Year Old Virgin’ where he played one of Steve Carrell’s work mates. In that film he stole quite a few scenes and it’s good to see him getting a lead role. He plays the slacker role brilliantly but also handles the emotional side well. Most importantly he has a great chemistry with Heigl which is hard as, at first they don’t really like each other. She plays the role more straight but is extremely likelable as well as very attractive. Paul Rudd gives another great supporting performance as Alison’s brother-in-law, as does Leslie Mann as her sister. The real comedy gold comes from Ben’s group of friends, who spend most of the time dissing each other, especially one who is growing a beard for a bet. They act and talk like friends really do, something which is hard to replicate on film. There are a few crude jokes which you would expect and one far too graphic scene, but this film is a clever mix. It is laugh out loud funny on many occasions, but also has a lot of heart. It could be a great date movie but might be a bit too close to the bone for some couples. Rating 8/10