Back at the start of the Summer this film was a pretty big hit in the US and some people said it was only because there was nothing else out. Well they were wrong! Following on from his top turn in Transformers Shia LaBeouf gets his first lead role without the help of giant robots.

   Disturbia is like a modern reworking of Hitchcock’s classic ‘Rear Window’, this time with added ASBO. Shia plays Kale, a teenager who following a tragic event goes a bit of the rails and ends up flattening his Spanish teacher. Rather than a jail term he is put under house arrest for three months, which he enjoys until his mum (Carrie Anne Moss) takes away his Xbox Live and itunes. With nothing else to do he starts spying on the neighbours especially his hot new neighbour Sarah Roemer. Whilst voyeuring away he spots neighbour David Morse acting suspicously and starts to believe that he maybe a serial killer who has been killing young women in the area.

   The film is a good mix of suspense and humour. LaBeouf is definitely a star in the making, very likeable in a Tom Hanks way but with the wry comic timing of John Cusack. The chemistry with his best mate and the girl next door is great and provides some pure comic moments, but once the film kicks into drama gear it’s nail biting. David Morse as usual is the perfect sinister bad guy wth the right amount of charm and creepiness.

  It has been termed Rear Window for the My Space generation , which is probably quite true ,but don’t let that demean the film as it is a good thriller, and is defintiely worth a look. Rating 7/10