The Apatow domination of comedy continues, with his second film of the summer, with Superbad, following closely on the heels of the very funny ‘Knocked Up’. For those who don’t know Judd Apatow is the director/producer of recent comedy classics such as ‘The 40 Year Old Virgin’ and the lengendary ‘Anchorman’. His brand of gross out comedies with a heart have been hugely successful and have become a genre of their own.

  Seth Rogen follows on from ‘Knocked Up’ with a small role in this but most importantly as the writer. The story which he wrote with best mate Evan Goldberg, sees best mates Seth and Evan (biographical maybe!) facing the fact that they will soon be seperated as they head off to different colleges. They get invited to a party by the girls they secretly fancy but have told them they will get the booze for the party, so set off with their nerdy friend Fogal, or as he will become known ‘McLovin’ as it says on his fake ID. Soon it all spirals out of control with McLovin having a mad night with two of the most inept cops (one played by Rogen), whilst Seth and Evan find themselves at a different party, including a gross bit of grind dancing for Seth. They are all trying to get to the party so they can get some action with the girls, but everything seems to be stopping them.

  It sounds very similar to American Pie, but unlike that film which used a lot of gross out and little else, Superbad manages to balance the gross out with very funny writing and also a bit of sentiment. Focusing on what really makes best friends, even if they keep getting hit by cars. It’s a little slow starting but once it kicks into gear it’s a hugely enjoyable movie. Rating 8/10