Isn’t it funny that when someone is very successful, people are waiting for them to fail, as has been the case with Pixar. When Cars was coming out critics got ready to slag it off and some did, but again they produced a great film. When rumours started circulating of trouble at the Studio, first with the Disney deal and then with Ratatouille changing director, the vultures started circling, well bad luck guys they have done it again!

  Ratatouille is the tale of Remy, a Rat who has an overdeveloped sense of taste, he’s not interested in the eating trash but wants to create his own meals, a trait that has got him into to trouble. After one of his attempts to create something different causes his family to lose their home he finds him self in Paris, alone except for the ghost of famous chef Gusteau who guides Remy towards his old restaurant hich since his death has dropped two of it’s five stars.  After altering a soup with his own ingredients Remy is captured by Linguini the kitchens lowest hand but develops a friendship despite not being able to communicate. Soon they realise that Remy is a master chef but needs Linguini to make his recipes which they do when Remy realises he can control him by pulling his hair.  Can they help bring the restaurant back to five stars, and impress critic Anton Ego who looks like an extra froma  Tim Burton film.

  It all sounds stupid but as usual Pixar have made it very believable, with the usual high quality of characters and story. As usual with Pixar films humour plays a big part and there are many luaghs to be had, but they have also infused the film with real heart. From Linguini’s relationship with a fellow chef  to Remy’s relationship with his family who don’t understand why he likes the humans who just want to kill their kind.  As usual the voice cast aren’t overly starry, which other lesser films try, but are perfectly picked with Peter o’Toole the best as Anton Ego, and for the UK audience chef Jamie Oliver voices a health inspector. The fact that Pixar have made a Rat look cute is an achievement, but as usual the visuals have always been their benchmark. Paris looks amazing one scene with Remy and his father in the rain is astonishing. Even the food looks real, you will feel very hungry watching this film. You start to wonder how much further Pixar can take the animation, in the days where every half-term we are flooded with cheap CG animated movies it is to Pixars credit that they are still head and shoudlers above everyone else. If there is a recipe for making astonishingly good movies then Pixar have it down perfectly. In the tradition of all their films you also get a short film at the start, this time called Lifted, which see’s a trainee Alien trying to abduct a human from his bed with a gravitational beam, but struggling to get him out. it looks amazing and is very funny, so don’t get there late or you’ll miss it. Overall a great couple of hours entertainment for kids of all ages, thats eight great films in a row now, keep it up Pixar. Rating 8/10