Since Spaced finished Simon Pegg’s rise has been astronomical, with his two collaborations with Edgar Wright proving the springboard to fame, with first Shaun Of The Dead and then Hot Fuzz, he even starred in Mission Impossible III with Tom Cruise. How will he do with this headliner film away from his mates, well not too bad. Last year he made a film called Big Nothing which was black comedy with David Schwimmer of friends fame. Now he has teamed up with him again, but this time Schwimmer is in the directors chair.

   Pegg plays Dennis, who on the verge of walking down the aisle with his pregnant girlfriend (Thandie Newton) has a panic attack and runs away. Five years later working as a store detective he realises he made a mistake especailly as she has a new man in her life (Hank Azaria) who is everything he isn’t. When he finds out that Hank is a marathon runner he decides he will show his ex what a man he is by running a marathon as well. So he enlists the help of his best mate Dylan Moran and his Indian landlord.

   The films starts of pretty funny with some great jokes, and the usual comedy montage as Pegg trys to train for the marathon. Moran is funny but is a bit underused and doesn’t have the same chemistry with Pegg that Nick Frost has. The landlord starts of a bit cliche but gets more rounded out as the film progresses. Hank Azaria is pretty good as the competiton with the right amount of sleaze. Unfortunately what starts out quite promising becomes a bit cheesy towards the end. Schwimmer shows that he can direct woth some nice shots but the script needed a bit of  work. Not a terrible film, worth a watch and does make you laugh but pales next to Peggs other work. Rating 6/10