When a film has the tag line “There are 40 million sheep in New Zealand… And they’re pissed off” you sort of know what to expect and this one doesn’t disappoint.

  After his brother plays a horrible trick on him Henry develops a bit of a phobia of sheep, which considering he lives on a sheep farm, is a bit difficult.  Many years later he returns to the farm to get his share from his brother who has taken it over, but is secretly conducting experiments to create the perfect sheep. At the same time a couple of animal rights activists break into the farm and run away with a rather dodgy sample, after an accident a mutant sheep escapes and starts to infect all the other sheep on the farm. So begins the battle for the humans to survive these new evil sheep, including the odd Were-Sheep!

  From the synopsis it sounds like possibly the worst film ever, but by keeping their tongues very firmly in their cheeks they have created a very funny and entertaining film.  The film is reminiscent of the early Peter Jackson horror comedy films woth some real gory moments, but also reminded me of Shaun Of the Dead on the comedy side, I found myself laughing out loud on many occassions.  There are some really funny and stupid moments including a sheep in the driving seat of a Lamd Rover at one point.  Even thought the cast are all pretty much unknown they all fit their parts perferctly and you really care about some of them and hate some of the others like you’re supposed to. The effects are pretty good for what is a pretty low budget film, with Jackson’s own WETA studio doing the puppetry and visual effects, making the sheep quite menacing, you’ll never look at a sheep the same again!  If you go in looking for a good laugh you won’t be disappointed, this is the perfect Saturday night movie, get in some popcorn and a few beers and sit back and enjoy it. Rating 8/10