When you think of typical Tom Hanks roles they are usually quite similar, the nice guy in various situations, the only sort of darker character I can recall was in Road To Perdition where he was a hit man. Now we have the sleezy Tom Hanks character to add to the repetoire.

  He plays the said Charlie Wilson, a senator from Texas who has gone through his political career enjoying himself more than he should. We first meet him sat in a hot tub in Las Vegas with three topless models discussing movie deals, whilst they take cocaine. After seeing a news report he takes an interest in what is happening in Afghanistan where the Russian army have invaded. Soon socialite and 6th richest woman in Texas, Julia Roberts turns up in Wilson’s circle asking for him to help the Afghans, using her womanly charms on him.  As a member of the defence committee he is soon calling in Phillip Seymour Hoffman’s CIA operative to look at getting weapons covertly to the rebels, to fight the Russians. Soon his work starts to pay off as the US invests more and more money.

  Directed by Mike Nichols, this is strange mixture of a film, which on the outside looks like a serious political film, but is actually pretty funny. This could be due to the writing of Aarron Sorkin, the genius writer behind my all time favourite TV show ‘The West Wing’, which also mixed humour with drama. The cast are all great from Hanks to Roberts to the always exceptional Hoffman, and we can see why they are all Oscar winners. There is also a good turn by rising star Amy Adams as Wilson’s private secretary, part of  Charlie’s Angels, his group of very attractive staff which he affectionally calls the ‘Jailbait’. They are involved in one of the films funniest sequences where Hoffman and Wilson first meet.  With the cast, director and writer involved this has got Oscar written all over it, but is probably too humorous for awards. It is a very interesting story all the more because it is based on true events and people, and with such a great cast it can’t go wrong, the only negative I would say is that it sort of ends a bit soon, as it doesn’t really look at the future consequences of what they did. Still it is a great film, and a very enjoyable one at that. Rating 7/10