If you were the last man on earth what would you do with your time? If your Robert Neville you drive around a deserted New York hunting for deer from behind the wheel of a new Ford Mustang. This is our introduction to Will Smith in ‘I Am Legend’ as he trys to survive whilst also trying to find a cure for the night seekers. These are the remains of the human race who after a cancer cure goes wrong, have become sunlight intolerant and have developed a taste for blood. Neville is an army scientist who was put in charge of finding a cure but hasn’t any luck yet.

  Based on a book by Richard Matheson, the story has been made a couple of times before, most notably as The Omega Man with Charlton Heston, now it falls to Will Smith to fill those big shoes. For the first half of the film he does a good job, as he goes through his regimented day, hunting, then taking a trip to the video shop, before barricading himself in his house. He plays the role well, as we see this man on his own, struggling to keep his sanity, whilst trying to keep his work going. He is on the edge of madness and to compensate for the lack of company, (other than his dog), he has put mannequins all round the city that he has conversations with. The one downside is the CGI, which for a big budget film is surprisingly poor, the CG lion we see early in the film is so obviously fake, and then we get to the Night Seekers who are quite scary but not very realistic, it seems stupid to make human characters on a computer when they could have done a better job in makeup.  It’s a real mix of a film with the whole isolation part very quiet and slowed paced, then we meet the Night Seekers and it is pretty scary edge-of-the-seat, and then it’s quite emotional as well. As for the ending it’s quite different. Overall the film wasn’t bad, it could have been a lot better, and I agree with something a critic on the radio said, that it does feel like there are big sections missing in the story. Still worth a look if you like Will Smith or Sci Fi. Rating 6/10