Well it’s 10:30 on Friday night, I should be getting into bed ready for work in the morning, but i’ve just got back from seeing something that I had to immediately write about, Cloverfield.  I love films as you can probably guess, and I love action films, but these days they are all pretty much the same, but that is gonna change now. It’s a strong word to use but J. J.Abrams is a genius, he has taken the standard action film template and thrown it out the window. He first gathered atttention with the brilliant, Alias, and then followed it with the mind games of Lost. In 2006 he made the third Installment of the Mission Impossible series, then last summer we saw the puzzling first trailer for Cloverfield. Not giving anything away worked wonders and heightened the intrigue in the film, especially the great poster of the Statue Of Liberty’s head missing! So what is it all about?

   The film starts with text on the screen telling us that the following footage was found in what was once known as Central Park. We then see the preparations begin for Rob’s leaving party as his mate Hud takes control of the video camera charged with taping messages from everyone for Rob. The party is in full flow and a few tensions have risen amongst the friends, then suddenly there is a loud explosion and panic sets in. From here on in we are thrust into the action learning what is going on at the same time they do. What we learn is that something has attacked New York, taking out various landmarks along the way, and the military are trying to fight back whilst the protaganists try to get out of the city.

  From that you are thinking Godzilla, but this is on such a higher level! By filming the entire film on a handheld video camera it gives such a level of realism never seen before.  You feel like you are running through the streets as guns fire by your ears and buildings are exploding all around you. The nearest to this recently was Spielberg’s War Of The Worlds which used the idea of seeing a massive incident from a persons point of view, but this feels more real. The director Matt Reeves has also cleverly put in images we remember from the horrific attacks of September 11th, to make it seems real and make you recall those events. You would think that the film would live or die on it’s monster but Reeves has been very clever by giving us just slight glimpses, so we really want to see it but we have to keep trying to spot it when the camera moves in the direction of it. The point of view can make it frustrating but thats the idea, if you were in that situation you wouldn’t be just standing there getting a perfect view, you would be running for your life. A lot of the full glimpses of the monster come from News reports that the characters see on tv’s in shop windows. When you do see the monster it, like the movie is something new but I won’t spoil it for you.

  As you can guess I love, love, loved this film, I can’t remember a more intense film experience in a long time, I could actually feel my stomach knotting up as I was on the edge of my seat for the entire film. Once the action kicks in it doesn’t stop, and you have a bit of everything from shock to humour.  I cannot recommed this film enough, you really must go and see it, don’t wait for the dvd, see it on a big screen with a big audience, you won’t be dissapointed, though I can’t wait for the HD DVD. If I get the chance I will be going to watch this again next week to take in everything I missed the first time. Films this original don’t come around very often so don’t miss out, and this doesn’t happen very often, my rating 10/10!!!