A bit late I know but what of this years winners and losers.  Unfortunately I don’t have Sky Movies so couldn’t watch the full ceremony but did watch the highlights on Monday and well, it was seemed a bit down this year. I think that was due to the writers strike and the possibilty of the awards not happening, Jon Stewart did a good job with what he had and was prety funny, though I do miss Billy Crystal who is one of the best hosts. So to the winners.

Best Film went to the Coen Brothers, ‘No Country For Old Men’ which also bagged them the Best Director and Best Adapted Screenplay awards. I haven’t actually seen this film yet, in fact i ordered it yesterday from the US on Blu Ray so can’tsay whether it was worthy of all the awards it got, in fact the only film it was up against I have seen was There Will Be Blood and that was amazing so No Country must be exceptional to beat it.

The Best Actor went as expected to Daniel Day Lewis for ‘There Will Be Blood’ amd if you read my review you will see I agree with his win.

The Best Actress winner was a slight surprise, going to the gorgeous Marion Cotillard for ‘La Vie En Rose’. Before the ceremony everyone expected Julie Christie to win for ‘Away From Her’ and the outside tip was Ellen Page for Juno. But having already won the BAFTA it wasn’t a huge shock.

Best Supporting Actor provided another award for ‘No Country For Old Men’ with Javier Bardem winning for hir role as a hitman hunting down Josh Brolin. It was quite a tough category with some brilliant performances from Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Casey Affleck and Tom Wilkinson to beat but he was a big favourite.

Best Supporting Actress went to Tilda Swinton for Michael Clayton a film I am at present waiting for to drop through my letterbox.  She gave a great speech as well especailly taking the piss out of George Clooney and his Batsuit!

Best Original Screenplay went to Diablo Cody for Juno, which has got to be a first with a tattoed woman collecting an Oscar. Also liked her comment that now she isn’t a stripper but a writer she has seen a drop in wages.

Best Animated Feature not surprisingly went to Pixars ‘Ratatouille’ and a very worthy winner as it is a great film, that said I really enjoyed ‘Surfs Up’ when I finally saw it

In the technical catergories, was glad to see ‘There Will Be Blood’ winning Best Cinematography it was well deserved. Also a bigger winner that didn’t get much mention was ‘The Bourne Ultimatum’ which picked up three oscars for, Editing, Sound and Sound Editing which if you’ve seen the film is thoroughly warranted. It was nice to see Sweeney Todd picking up an award for art direction as it does look amazing. Also congratulations to film ‘Once’ for winning best song despite being up against three songs from ‘Enchanted’ and well done Jon Stewart for letting Marget Irglova come back on and say her thank you’s after having been cut off before she could. A couple of winners that shouldn’t have been in my opinion were best score which should have gone to ‘There Will Be Blood’ which wasn’t nominated on a technicality and ‘The Golden Compass’ winning Visual Effects over ‘Transformers’. Every review of Compass moaned how the effects were pretty poor yet it beats the frankly astonishing effects of Transformers, don’t get it!!

Oh well another year over lets see what’s up for the awards next year, can’t see Indy 4, The Dark Knight and Iron Man being up for best film though!