In a summer where we get the return finally of Indiana Jones and another episode in the life of Mr Bruce Wayne/Batman, there are two huge films which haven’t garnered that much attention. Marvel Comics have taken the big step of financing their own films for the first time and they are starting with two crackers. First up we have Jon Faverau’s production of Iron Man, starring Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark, the billionaire weapons maker who dons a shiny suit to become Iron Man. The first trailer looked amazing and they have now got the full trailer online and frankly it looks amazing. I think this could be the huge suprise film this summer. Check it out at:

The second film Marvel are releasing this summer is the new version of the Hulk, under the title of The Incredible Hulk. Directed by Louis Letterrier, and now starring Edward Norton as Bruce Banner with Tim Roth as the Abomination. They have pretty much ignored the highly underated Ang Lee film and started anew. Personally I loved the Ang Lee film and was sad to hear that they were gonna drop Eric Bana from this new film as I though he was great in the first one. The one criticism of the Ang Lee film was that there wasn’t much action, seems they have addressed it this time. Check the trailer at: