This week, the kings of animation, Pixar held a press conference announcing their schedule of films up to 2012 with a few surprises. The first big surprise was that after Wall-E’s release all their films will be in 3D! Two of the biggies of these 3D films will be the re-releases of Toy Story and Toy Story 2, it will be great to see these on the big screen again, but especailly in 3D!

The big Pixar film for 2009 is called ‘Up’ and follows a 78 year old man who abandons his mudane life and sets off on an adventure with an 8 year old wilderness explorer. Sounds a bit different to their usual stuff, but it is Pixar so no need to worry. 2009 also sees the 3D re-release of Toy Story.

2010 will bring the film that everyone hoped for but always looked unlikely, Toy Story 3! This time the horrible day that they hoped would never happen has arrived and Andy has gone off to college and the Toys are out in the cold. I’m so glad that Pixar are doing this, as when Pixars deal with Disney was over the mouse house threatened to make their own third film as a direct to DVD sequel without the the same voices, which would have been terrible. 2010 will also see the 3D release of Toy Story 2.

2011, sees Pixar really spoiling us with two films. First up is ‘Newt’, which sees the last male and female newts of the species put together in a laboratory to hopefully mate and save the species. The problem is they can’t stand each other! It’s directed by the guy who made the ‘Lifted’ short you might have seen before Ratatouille.  The second offering is ‘The Bear And The Bow’, which sees a royal in a mythical Scotland decide to try being an Archer but ends up putting her father and mother in peril. Featuring the voices of Resse Witherspoon, Billy Connolly and Emma Thompson.

Finally 2012 see’s a real surprise sequel, ‘Cars 2’! Of all the Pixar films you would have expected a sequel I would have thought the Incredibles would have been obvious, not the film that was slated, though personally I really liked Cars, it looks fantastic on Blu Ray!  No news on the story or which characters are returning but it has apparently got a international feel.