The Headline isn’t about over priced gig tickets, but actually about a game. As a gamer there has been one game that a lot of gamers in the UK have been waiting for, for ages. The game in question is Rock Band from Electronic Arts. Following on in the vein of Singstar and Guitar Hero, Rock Band has you trying to follow the song but this time is has a guitar contoller for doing guitar and bass, and also a drumkit and microphone, so you and three mates can play along together. After a long wait it was finally announced this week that it is getting a UK release on May 23rd, hurray you might think I was cheering. Alas no when I saw the price! In the US it cost about $90 for the pack containing the Guitar controller, Drumkit, Microphone and game. In the Uk they are charging £129 for the instrument pack which strangely doesn’t even include the game, which is a an additional £50. We are talking nearly £180 for the game, you can actually buy an xbox 360 console for that! How they can justify charging twice as much for this game in the UK, is beyond me. Another example of Rip-Off-Britian! Alos annoyingly it is only out on the 360 in the UK at first unlike the US where it is also available on the Playstation 3. Luckliy the Playstation 3 is region free so I am considering importing a copy from the US which still works out cheaper. I just hope no one buys it over here so EA realise we won’t be treated like this!