In one of the worse kept secrets in movies this year, Guillermo Del Toro has been announced as the director of the Hobbit movies. I say movies as they are splitting the book into two movies. To stop this being a bit thin on story they are also adding elements into the story to linl it up to the Lord OF The Rings trilogy. Peter Jackson isn’t directing but is staying on as producer, so it will probably retain the style of the LOTR trilogy but with Del Toro’s distinctive visuals.  For the big fans of the Jackson trilogy there is the big news that Sir Ian McKellan is returning in the role of Gandalf. Wouldn’t be surprised if a few other cast members return.

 If you are wondering who Guillermo Del Toro is, well he is the director of Spanish horror films Cronos and Devils Backbone, as well as Hollywood movies, Mimic, Blade 2 and Hellboy. The film that really garned him praise was Pan’s Labyrinth which was like a really dark fairytale with amazing visuals and imaginative characters. His next film gets a release this summer and it a sequel to Hellboy, titled Hellboy II: The Golden Army, and it looks amazing and could easily out do it’s predecessor.