I saw this a few weeks ago and have been struggling to write a review but here goes!  The Wachowski brothers haven’t made a film since the Matrix trilogy so there was a lot of expectation for their next film, so for them to do a kids film is a bit of a shock.

  Speed Racer is the story of the aptly named, Speed Racer, the latest son to race for his fathers race team. He races with the memory of his brother, Rex, who died in a WRL race while Speed was a young lad. Now Speed is behind the wheel of the Mach 3 racer and is wowing the racing world and being approached by various companies to race for them, will he take the big money deal or stay with his father and who is the mysetrious racer X. As you can tell from the plot this is a bit different and is based on a Japanese cartoon of the same name.

  As with the Wachowski’s previous work the visual side of the film is amazing. The race sequences are dazzling, with so much colour, it is just crying out for a high definiton release. You get a real sense of speed as they race round these gravity defying courses. It did remind me of the game Wipeout but with cars instead of flying ships, it does feel like you are watching a game. The race through the ice canyon was an exceptional highlight. It’s the racing that makes this film because the rest of it is a let down. The actings not bad, with the likes of Emile Hirsch, John Goodman, Susan Sarandon, Christina Ricci and Matthew Fox, making a great cast list but there’s just no real story to it, and for a kids film there are a lot of scenes of people talking business. The most annoying thing for me personally was Emile Hirsch’s little brother and his pet chimp, they are like the kids in old cartoons brought to life all gurning faces and pranks, i wanted to slap him!

   Basically this film has it’s great moments but they are outweighed by the rubbish, I know I am not the target audience but these days most kids film have an element for the parents who have been dragged along. I won’t be buying this on blu ray, but might give it a rental! Rating 5/10