Following the two Marvel Superheroes we have already seen this summer, Iron Man and Hulk, and two more big heroes to come, Batman and Hellboy, we have Hancock an almost anti hero, filling in the gap quite nicely.

  Will Smith plays John Hancock a drunken superhero who would rather lie on a bench with a bottle of bourbon than save the world. Everytime he gets called into action he does the job but badly causing millions of dollars of unnecessary damage, making him an unpopular figure with both the police and the public. After he saves the life of PR executive Ray  he is welcomed in Embry’s house where he meets his wife Mary and son Aaron and is given a proposal by Ray to let him revamp his image. This first involves him doing time for the warrants issued by the Los Angeles council. So Hancock reluctantly agrees and starts to sort his life out with AA meetings and Ray trying to teach him how to deal wth the public and police better. Soon the city needs him again and he’s back on the street fighting crime but politically correctly.

   it’s at that point that the film takes a wild twist and changes completely. I won’t give anything away but you won’t see it coming! The first half of the film is all about the comedy and as usual Will Smith is on good form as the lovable drunk. Jason Bateman continues to increase his standing in Hollywood with another good performance as the PR man with a seemingly impossible job and the chemistry between him and Smith works really well. Chalize Theron as usual looks stunning and does a good job as Ray’s nervous wife who doesn’t really want her husband working with this reprobate.   As I said the film changes dramatically in the second half and it sort of ruins the film. The film is only about 90 minutes long and it seems like they didn’t want a sequel so have tried to cram as much in as possible in that short time and this stops the story and characters developing and also dries up the humour. I would have actually liked to see this film longer. Director Peter Berg, who was last behind the lense for ‘The Kingdom’ does an amiable job with good action sequences and  brings his distinctive Michael Mann (who produces) style into a new genre for him. As I said it just tries to put too much in, a  bit like last years summer offering Spider-Man 3.   Like last years film I did enjoy Hancock but there was always that sense that there was a better movie waiting to come out. For the few weeks we have to wait for ‘The Dark Knight’ this makes an enjoyable distraction. Rating 6/10