All the publicity about this film seems to about Angelina jolie and specifically kissing her. Every Interview with James McAvoy has done, he’s been asked the same question, “What’s it like to kiss Angelina Jolie?”, i’m sorry but there’s a lot more to this film than that.

   james McAvoy plays Wesley Gibson and office drone just going through his miserable life, being bullied by his boss and his best friend shagging his girlfriend. He takes the misery away buy loading his self up woth anti depressants and it’s while picking up his percription that he meets Fox (Angelina Jolie) who tells him that she nknew his father a world class assassin who died that morning, in a spectacluar opening sequence. This is news to Gibson as he thought his dad died when he was a baby, but is brought home to him when the same man who killed his father turns up to try and kill him. Fox gets into a fire fight with the assailant in the store and then continues into what is an unbelievable car chase.  Soon Gibson is introduced to Sloan (Morgan Freeman) who explains to Gibson about his ancestary and ability he doesn’t realise he has to become a member of ‘The Fraternity.  Soon we enter the usual movie montages as he start to become what he didn’t believe was possible including the fraternity’s special move of bending bullets. He is then told about the Loom that produces a cloth which from the missed weaves give a name through binary of the person they must kill, (yes Seriously!). So Gibson sets off on his new career as an assassin and soon finds himself facing off against the man who killed his father, but what will he do, well that would be telling!

   It’s nice to see after the PG friendly Die Hard 4.0 somebody making an action film for adults and the 18 rating is thoroughly desrved, it is vert violent and bloody. But what really makes this film is the visuals of the action sequences. This is Russian director Timur Bekmambetov’s first Hollywood film following the international success of his films Nightwatch and Daywatch. They were films applauded for their visuals and he has brought that same style into this one. Some of the sequences are so over the top that you can’t help but smile, but it’s fun , the Limo hit especailly made me giggle at how stupid it was but also how genius it looked. The shot of Gibsons father breaking through the glass window, which was in the trailer, is amazing and remindedme a bit of The Marix. I think the words dumb and fun desrcibe this movie perfectly. As for the cast, they do a good job, McAvoy is fine as the lead pretty believable and not a bad accent, Jolie is her usually sultry self and Freeman is as always the elder statesman who even makes the whole loom thing sound almost sensical!  If you are after a couple of hours of gunplay and stunning visuals then it’s worth checking out. rating 7/10