Every year Pixar bring us a lesson in how to make great animated movies and great movies in general, so far they haven’t made a single bad movie, even Cars which I loved. Now they have just blown me away with Wall-E!

  It’s been 700 years since the humans have left an earth destoyed by pollution and rubbish. All they left behind were little robots called Wall-E’s (Waste Allocation Load Lifter Earthclass) who take the rubbish and crush it into little cubes which have become the new skyscrapers. But they have all gone now apart from one, who is now alone on the planet. Our Wall-E is carrying along with his job and picking up objects that he finds interesting, with his only friend a cockroach. After a long day cleaning up the planet Wall E returns to his lorry home and watches a old video of ‘Hello Dolly’.    This is the everyday life of Wall-E, until whilst out working a giant spceship lands and a sleek robot appears.  Eve is on Earth looking for something and at first is not interested in this relic of a robot, but soon she finds it hard to resist his charms and a romance starts to blossom.  It’s all going great until Eve finds what she looking for and closes down but Wall-E still stays with her. Soon the Ship comes back to return Eve back so Wall-E hitches a lift. Soon this old robot is on a shiny clean starship full of new robots and the remains of the human race who are now just fat blobs who have everything done for them and only communicate through screens in front of their faces.  Despite not fitting into his new surroundings the little robot with the big heart is about to change things.

  As you can see this is not your typical Pixar film, for at least the first half of the film there is almost no dialogue at all. The scenes of Wall-E wandering earth are amazing like some old art film with the lone stranger in the wilderness. It is amazing that you feel such a connection to this character even though he doesn’t talk. Wall-E just charms you from the first minute to the last. it would seem to be the sort of films that kids will hate but thy have been very clever and there are a lot of slapstick moments which will get a laugh from kids of all ages. The film is also pretty biting of our society now, which you definitely wouldn’t expect in a so called kids film. In this future world everything is owned by a company called Buy N Large, bit like Tescos! and after they have destroyed the earth they leave on the BNL ship. The humans who live on the ship as mentioned have become blobs who don’t even have to walk anymore and the way our world is going this isn’t far off, communicating through computers rather than face to face. I’m amazed that Pixar did this but good on them, if this subliminally gets the idea into young kids heads that we don’t want to end up like this then good. It takes a brave comapny to do social commentary in a kids film and it seems Pixar are that brave. 

  Of course with a Pixar film you go to see the amazing visual effects, to see what they have accomplished this time. My god they have outdone themselves, Ratatouille looked amazing, but this is on a whole other level. The attention to detail is stunning, the opening shot as we fly through this desolate city with towers of rubbish is breath taking. If you look at the towers you can see the tiny bits oif rubbish in each cube with little bit of paper sticking out flapping in the wind, and dust blowing everywhere, it takes realistic animantion to a new standard. Wall-E looks great a bit like a smaller Johnny 5 from Short Cicruit (an 80’s film fr those not old enough to remember!) and who shows his emotions through his binocular eyes and little beeps is astounding.  The contrast between him and Eve is huge but the fact that they can fall for each other is believeable. 

  If I had to desribe this film in one word is heartwarming. I’ve never seen an animated film with such warmth and emotion.  You’d have to have a cold heart to not get a tear in your eye during the scene of Wall-E and Eve in space flying around together, or when he is protecting her on earth while she is shut down scared to leave her side.  This film remindered me of some old 1940’s type romance film with the two charcters who shouldn’t work but do, there’s even old tunes throughout the film but of course it’s set in the future with robots. I just absolutely loved this film and I think on repeated viewings this could become my favourite Pixar film. In some weird horrible way this is not at the top of the charts in the UK, being held off by Mama Mia! What is the world coming too, go see Wall-E not some stupid film with Abba songs in!  Rating 10/10