As you can probably tell from the lack of post lately I haven’t been to the cinema a lot, I have been meaning to go and see Kung Fu Panda, Mummy 3 and The Clone Wars but just haven’t been motivated enough.  I have though watched a few fims on DVD that I would recommend highly.

The King Of Kong

   You wouldn’t think that a documentary about people playing and old arcade machine would be very interesting, well you would be wrong. The King of Kong is the story of a battle between two men to get the world record score on the arcade machine of Donkey Kong.  The record holder at the start of the documentray is Billy Mitchell, a man who has become a bit of a legend in the classic game world with records on 5 different machines and he really loves his reputation, with a lot of cronies who adore him.  Suddenly a school teacher frome Washington, Steve Wiebe comes from nowhere and breaks Billy’s record on Kong. Of course Billy isn’t happy and starts to question the validity of his record and so the fun begins. This documentary is amazing, you get so engrossed in the story as you have this normal guy Wiebe who just wants to succeed at something, trying to get his record accepted by the Games record board. But all the time you have Mitchells’ friends trying to discredit him, even while he is trying to break the record in person. The game of Cat and Mouse between Wiebe and Mitchell is fantastic and you can’t look away. If you like games you will love this and even if you don’t it’s still brilliant and definitely worth a rental.         Rating 8/10

In Bruges

This was a film that I wanted to see when it came out earlier this year as it had really good reviews, unfortunately it was only on one local cinema and only for a week, so I missed it. Thankfully the film company have had sense and released it pretty quickly onto DVD.   it is the story of two Hitmen, Ray (Colin Farrell) and Glen (Brendan Gleeson) who after a hit goes wrong are sent to the Belgium town of Bruge by their boss Harry (Ralph Fiennes). Glen loves their new setting and becomes the real tourist checking out the old buildings and history of the town. Ray though is bored and starts acting like a bored child dragging his feet and moaning.  While they wait for Harry to phone they try and keep themselves occupied and Ray trys it on with a local girl who’s working on a film set.  Soon it all starts to go strange and very funny with blank bullets and Dwarts.  If you’re offened by foul language and strong ones at that, then is most definitely no the film for you, but if you find swearing funny then you will love it. The chemistry between Farrell and Gleeson is perfect and they play off each other brilliantly, and even Raplh Fiennes shows another side to his bow.  At first it might seem like another cokney crime film , but it is so much better than that, it’s up there with Sexy Beast but funnier. I don’t think I’ve seen Farrell better and I shall be getting a copy of this film  soon to watch it again! rating 8/10

 A Few Others in brief:

Vantage Point: A pretty solid thirller where we see the same incident from different peoples perspective. With Dennis Quaid, Matthew Fox and Forrest Whitaker. 7/10

The Savages: Laura Linney and Phillip Seymour Hoffman as siblings brought togther to look after their father, whlst trying to live their own lives. 7/10

The Diving Bell And The Butterfly: Amazing French film that tells the sotry of a Vogue editor who suffered a stroke that left him with only eyelid movement in one eye, but who manged to write his autobiography. A  story of a mans strength though adversary. 8/10

The King Of California: kirk Douglas stars as an eccentric father who has just been released from a mental hospital and returns to live with his daughter (Evan Rachel Wood) and drags her along in his search for gold he believes is buried in California. A qurky and funny little film that didn’t get a cineama release in the UK. Rating 7/10