It’s been six years since Mulder and Scully disappeared of our tv screensand for years there has been talk of another film but it always seemed to be a big NO from those involved so it’s a big surprise that we are now watching the FBI agents on the big screen again. The first film was more like an expanded episode and took in all the alien conspiracies and was a really enjoyable film that stands up on it’s own, i’ve watched it a few times to be fair. So how does this new one fair.

   Scully has left the FBI and is now working in a catholic church looking after a very sick child which she seems to using as a replacement for her lost child which I’m not sure what happened to it!  Mulder still wanted by the FBI is living in a house in the middle of nowhere working in his little office which looks a lot like his old FBI office, cutting himself off from the world.  Meanwhile in the middle of a giant snow field Billy Connolly, as paedophile priest Father Joe who claims to have Psychic abilities is leading the FBI to something he has seen in a vision. Soon an FBI agent goes missing in what seems to be a related case and the FBI, stucj for answers call in Scully to try and get Mulder to help. Reluctantly he agrees and joins the new FBI agents played by Amanda Peet and ‘Pimp My Rides’, Xzibit. Soon they are hunting for some dodgy Ruyssian scientists aided or hindered by Father Joe’s visions.

  The weird thing about this film is that it could really be just a normal crime drama, the whole X-Files tag seems to be a real waste. The director said that they wanted to move away from the Alien conspiracies of the TV show and do a monster movie but this isn’t one either. It does feel like a dragged out TV episode but not one of the good ones like Toombs.  It’s not the cast fault or even the director’s, it’s just the story is a bit bland. Duchovny and Anderson have fitted back into the roles perfectly and he chemistry is back, though the fact that the characters are now back together helps. Billy Connolly seems a bit miscast, he’s okay but not great, not up to the standards we saw in Mrs Brown or The Last Samurai.  Amanda Peet is pretty good and so surprisingly is Xzibit.  For fans of the TV show there are a lot of little nods to them with lots of site references and a funny use of the X-Files theme. Overall though it is a disappointment from what we hoped for as a fan, it’s not terrible but not special. If they are gonna do another film, lets have a real monster next time. Rating 6/10