Well is anyone still looking at this site, probably not. Even I haven’t been on here for at least six months. Been a bit busy at work and bought my first home as well! But today whilst surfing I went back to my blog to remind myself what was on here. Forgotten how much stuff I had written in the past and did have a giggle at some of the movie news that I reported on that never actually happened (Sub Mariner movie!) 

  Anway am thinking of writing some stuff on here again. Still not going to the cinema as much and might do a post about that, but shall try and put some stuff up more regularly. Also will soon be recording my first podcast with a friend. Won’t be a movie one, but a funny news story discussion one, in the mold of Smodcast. When we finally get round to recording it I shall hopefully put up a link on here for you to check it out.

Well if you are reading this then thank you and hopefully I shall have something for you soon.