As I mentioned in my ranty previous post, I haven’t been to the cinema a huge lot lately but I went through my wallet and pulled out the tickets to see what I have been to watch since my last review, which I think was the A-team.  So here are a few quick reviews, some of these I think I now have on Blu Ray!

Back To The Future

Yes you are not seeing things that does indeed say Back To The Future!  One of my all time favourite films, I remember going to see it’s original release on my 11th birthday, and I have loved it ever since. With the trilogy coming out on Blu Ray, they decided to give the film a one week re-release on the big screen and I couldn’t miss the chance to see it again.  It was as good as ever and forgot how great Lea Thompson looked! It’s a classic and despite the 80’s setting still works. It’s a film that every generation should be intorduced to for years to come.

The Social Network

David Fincher is one of my favourite directors and will go and see anything he makes. When I heard he was doing a movie about Facebook, I was puzzled but also curious. When I got to see it I was very impressed. What sounds on paper like a film about geeks at computers was gripping, intelligent and a film that does warrant repeat viewings. In fact the two times I have seen it, I’ve had different opinions of Mark Zuckerberg. The first time I thought that he hadn’t stole the idea from the Winkervi’ but the second time I thought he had. It’s just a great film with brilliant peformances  from Jesse Eisenberg and especially the next Spider-man, Andrew Garfield who was cruelly overlooked in awards season. I shall be getting this on Blu Ray to watch over and over again.

Jackass 3D

When Avatar came out they said 3D was the future, but I don’t think this was what James Cameron had in mind. Me and a couple of mates went to see this at the cinema in 3D and haven’t laughed so much in ages. This is the film 3D was made for, it really works. The opening sequence where all the gang are introduced worked so well with all sorts of things flying out of the screen, then we get into the various skits and again the 3D was used so well. There are a few bits which were not in the added dimension but I was laughing too much to notice. The highlights for me were the high five, poo volcano and Steve-o’s trip in the bungee toilet. Recently watched it on 2D blu ray and it still had me in stitches but I did miss the 3D element.

Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows:Part One

I have only read three of the books, but have loved all the films, and so as the saga reaches it’s conclusion I was really looking forward to this penultimate episode.  It was an interesting film as not a huge amount happened but it was still quite gripping. Someone jokingly called it on the radio “Harry on Camping”, which was a brilliant description. Taking the kids away from Hogwarts was a good plot change and let the audience see the dynamic between the kids (can we still call them kids!). it’s a weird film as it’s just the warm up for the grand finale which looks amazing from the small glimpses we have been given, and I will be looking forward to that in June. No i don’t know how it ends and don’t want to.

The Kings Speech

Well what is there to say about this film that hasn’t been said! It’s not the type of film I would usually take a trip to the cinema to see, but rather wait to rent it and watch on a sunday morning.  I had heard some good things about it and thought what the hell. Glad I took the chance as it was a thoroughly enjoyable film, with great performances throughout and deserved all the accolades it got, well apart from the best director which hoped would go to Fincher!  Colin Firth was just that actor from Bridget Jones and the one that all women seem to swoon over, but I had a few months earlier watched him in a Single Man and was blown away how good he was in it and then to see him in this made me realise what a good actor he is. Also good at award speeches. Look forward to catching it on Blu Ray again soon. Even my parents went to see this and thats a rare occurence!

Battle: Los Angeles

There have many alien invasion films over the years and two this last year alone. Following Skyline came this, and they tried to do something a little different by making it from the viewpoint of the people on the ground, a bit similar to Speilberg’s War Of The Worlds. It was desribed in pre publicity as being Balck Hawk Down but with Aliens. It’s an idea that sounds amazing on paper, but they didn’t quite pull it off. It was an enjoyable film, and Aaron Eckhart was pretty good in the lead, but it was a bit too cheesy at times and cliche’d. The one thing I did like was that the Aliens were made a bit more interesting, they actually had battllefield tactics and were not just there to be target practice for the humans. Could have been great but was a bit meeh!


I was a big of Shaun Of The Dead and Hot Fuzz, like most people, so when Pegg and Frost announced they were doing another film together and this time with an alien, I was looking forward to seeing it. It didn’t let me down. This is a film for film geeks like me and especially sci fi fans. This film is full of references and little nods to classic sci fi films, even including a small cameo from one of the biggest directors in the genre.  Paul, the alien is brilliantly realised both visually and in the vocal performance of Seth Rogen who is great. the supporting cast are no slouches either, the lovely Kirsten Wiig is good as the god botherer who has her faith rattled by Paul. There’s also Jason Bateman, Jeffrey Tambor, Bill Hader and even the sci fi queen Sigourney Weaver. Some fo the reviews have been a bit harsh on it, but personally I loved every minute of it and shall definitely be getting it on Blu Ray in June.

Source Code

I never saw Moon on the cinema, but took a gamble and bought it on Blu Ray and thought it was amazing. Even though it was low budget it looked as good as films with ten times the budget. It was really clever and kept you interested to the end.  So I was really interested to see what he would do with a big budget film. Source Code for some reason keeps getting called this years Inception, which seems a bit unfair as there’s very little similarity between the two, just because it require you to pay attention doesn’t make them the same!

 The story see Jake Gyllenhaals, Army helicopter pilot, Colter Stevens, wake up after on a Chicago bound train with a woman he doesn’t know, Michelle Moynahan, a face he doesn’t recognise, and then 8 minutes later, a bomb going off in his face. He then wakes again to find himself in some sort of pod, and is told he is part of an experiment where they can send him into the last eight minutes of someone elses life. They want him to find out who bombed the passenger train as there has been a threat of a further attack. So begins a game of guess who as he Groundhog Day style relives the incident over and over. While trying to find the bomber he starts to fall for his train companion and work out how to save her even though the events have already happened.

  As you can tell from the description this film is a real mind bender and gets more confusing as it goes on, though it doesn’t over complicate itself by the finale, though it did cause me and my mate to discuss our own interpretations of the ending. The two leads are very good and are ably supported by Vera Farmiga as Colt’s one link to the outside world away from the pod. Highly recommend it.  Look forward to seeing what Duncan Jones does next, which rumour has it could be Wolverine 2!