Director Gore Verbinski (Pirates Of The Carribean: Curse Of  The Black Pearl) has today found his Lone Ranger, for the big screen version of the Radio/Tv Series made famous in the 1950’s. Joining Johnny Depp’s Tonto, the man in the mask is Armie Hammer. Not a big name, but one you might recognise, he played the Winklevoss Twins in, David Finchers’ The Social Network, which was a great performance. You might not know that he was also set to put on another mask as The Caped Crusader, Batman in a 2006 Justice League movie, directed by George Millar. Unfortunately for Hammer the movie got cancelled so now he gets another chance at stardom. The Lone Ranger doesn’t mean a lot to me, as I’m too young to remember it, but could make a good movie, just hope Johnny Depp doesn’t play Tonto as a drunk Indian!