As a film fan, living in the UK can be a real pain in the arse, especially when the films you are dying to see are released months later than our friends in the US. At the moment I am getting very frustated that the J.J. Abrams/ Steven Spielberg collaburation Super 8 has just been released Stateside and every site I look at is talking about it, but we don’t get it until August!  From what I’ve read this film has a very 80’s Spielberg tone to it, which I just want to see as some of my favourite films are from that decade. Also I’m looking forward to seeing Kyle Chandler getting a lead role, as  huge fan of Friday Night Lights.  Oh well I shall have to wait.

Also have to say well done to the Alamo Drafthouse cinema in Texas , Ain’t It Cool News recently put up a new advert that the aforementioned cinema is putting up in front of their performances.  They have the right idea about film presentation in that people who talk or use Mobile phones are removed from the cinema, and one customers took offence to this policy and complained and they turned it into their advert. Wish the UK cinemas would take notice of this! Check it out: