I’ve been a fan of Simon Mayo And Mark Kermode’s radio film review show for a few years and listen to the podcast every saturday morning. To celebrate their 10 year anniversary they have been having a series of special programmes and last week they did a live music show on both Radio 5 Live and Radio 3. The show featured the BBC Philharmonic Orchestra playing a selection of famous and one not so famous pieces of film score music. It was a good mixture of films and sounded amazing. I always find it weird seeing film music being performed as you are used to hearing it coming from the speakers and it always sounds like something otherworldly to me.  They have now put up a 45 minute highlights show which is available on the BBC Iplayer and I can’t recommend it enough, wish I could have been there.  Just hearing Raiders being played by this amazing orchestra just put a huge smile on my face. You Can find it here:


While I am talking about them they brought out a Code Of Conduct for cinema goers which is great, shame the cinemas don’t adopt it (sorry on my Cinema Behaviour rant again!)