There was a small little sporting event yesterday, that for the film fan usually means big movie trailers, yes it was Super Bowl Sunday, and while the Denver Broncos were getting their arses handed to them by the Seattle Seahawks, a few trailer were debuted for a couple of this summers blockbusters. Following the few I posted on here at the start of the year, these were more full trailers so here are a few for your delectation!

First up we have the first glimpse at Michael Bay’s return to the Transformers franchise, after saying he wasn’t going to do another one, Paramount bribed him by financing Pain & Gain, a film he had wanted to make for a while. This 4th addition isn’t a reboot but it does see a new set of human characters for us to follow. It also sees the first appearance of the Dinobots, which the die hard fans have been crying out for in the franchise. It looks pretty much more of the same, which isn’t a bad thing, and I like Mark Wahlberg and hopefully he won’t be a dick like Shia LaBeouf was in the last film!

Next up is the film I am very excited about, Captain America: The Winter Soldier. The first teaser trailer was great and set up the tone of the film really well, and this one takes it to an even higher level. Nothing more to say just watch it!

Next we have a long trailer for Spidey’s return, in The Amazing Spider-man 2. I was a little nervous about this one, due to all the villains, but watching this trailer it looks great. I especially like Spidey’s quips which were a bit lacking in the Raimi films but were warming up in the re-boot.

Finally it wouldn’t be right to not have a bit of Muppet action! The last film brought the Muppets back with style and great songs and I hope this one keeps up the quality. I  am especially happy that Brett Mckensie  of Flight Of The Conchords, is back on song writing duty again, and I even spied his Conchords co-hort Jermaine Clement in the trailer. It appears that they are following the funny campaign they used on the first film.