This year has seen 3D conversions of a few older films, some good, some not so good, the Jurassic Park 3D was amazing and added a lot to the experience, while the Top Gun 3D wasn’t a bad effort either, especially the flight scenes. So where does Predator 3D fit, well I’m glad to say in the positive group.

We all know the story, Arnie, at his 80’s best leads a group of hard asses into the jungle to find a missing helicopter and instead find an alien visitor out to hunt.  One of the greatest action films ever, a feat director John Mctiernan bettered a few years later with Die Hard.

I approached this conversion with a bit of trepidation, would the 3D actually be worth it, would it look good, would it be too dark?  I have to say having already owned Predator on Blu Ray, this is the best the film has ever looked. The colours of the jungle are really vibrant, and the skinned bodies hanging from the trees have never looked so red, this despite the obvious light loss the glasses take away. There are the odd occasions where the colour drops a bit but this is more to do with the original footage rather than the conversion, and some shots look really ropey in quality especially where Arnie falls off the cliff and hits the water, but again that’s the original footage. As for the actual 3D, it’s a nice mix of depth and near camera effects. As a 3D film set in the forest it is going to have an obvious comparison, Avatar, and of course it will never match that, as this film is 26 years old and wasn’t shot in native 3D, but it does a good job of it.  The foliage of the jungle is nicely mixed in the shot, with the jungle disappearing off into the distance and leaves near the front of shot seeming to pop out of the screen. You get a really good feeling of being in the jungle, there are nice shots from high up in the canopy with the tree trunks giving a nice impression of the depth of the jungle. The actual characters look good as well, there’s a nice shot with Dutch and Dillon having a chat up close where the 3D works well. They have managed to avoid doing any trick shots so you don’t get gun barrels or Predator blades coming out of the screen. There are a few issues where some of the near camera objects get a bit of a blur round them which is picked up by things moving past them, but that was about the only problem I really noticed.   A nice touch I liked near the start was Arnie’s cigar smoke actually having a 3D effect to it. It’s little details like that which made me warm to this conversion very quickly, and if you are a fan of the film and 3D then I can highly recommend ‘Getting to da Shoppa’ (sorry!) and picking it up. It’s a shame this didn’t get a theatrical re-release as would love to see it on a massive screen in 3D, but until I can afford a projector this will do!