As I haven’t been to see any films for a few weeks soI thought I would just do a couple of CD reviews for you folks.

Jarvis Cocker – Jarvis

At the end of last year I was going to do a best of the year review of albums but never got round to it, but this CD was going to be favourite of the year. Obviously everyone remembers Jarvis from his days with Sheffield group Pulp, and since they finished with the album ‘We Love Life’ Jarvis has pretty much been in the background, doing the odd producing job and moving to France. Well he’s back and what a great album he has returned with. Full of the witty lyrics we remember, whilst also casting his eye over the society we live in, no more so than in highlight track ‘Fat Children’. The album has a good mixture of tracks from the slower more personal tracks to the bigger orchestrated ones. Also hidden away, 30 minutes after the last song is probably one of the best tracks you never heard, ‘Running The World’. A track he wrote whilst watching the Live 8 show last year, it is a razor sharp look at the way our country is going and if it wasn’t for it’s slightly iffy language in the chorus “C**ts Are Still Running The World”, I think this could have been a big hit, a brilliant end to a truly great album.

Just Jack – Overtones

  Like most people my intorduction to Just Jack came from the hit single ‘Starz In Their Eyes’, unfortunately when I went to get a copy it was sold out, yes I am one of the few people that actually buys cd singles! So I opted instead to buy the album and hope the rest of the tracks were as good, well I was wrong the rest of the tracks are even better. Surprisingly Overtones is his second album, and I think the comparisons to The Streets area bit inaccurate as in my opinion this CD is better than Mr Skinners work. Yes there are songs and references to drugs, but it’s a lot less of the cockney wide boy and more of a modern poet vibe. The songs all differ widely in style from the UK rap style to tracks like ‘No Time’ which are sung with a Jamiroquai sort of backing, there are even a couple of acoustic guitar tracks. Like the Jarvis album this CD also has a hidden track, which is a pretty good Beastie Boys piss take. It’s a collection that improves the more you listen to it, though catches your attention on it’s first listen.

Klaxons – Myths Of The Near Future

This album was a bit of a surprise as all the press I had read about the band said that they were mixing rock with house music so I was expecting a harder version of The Rapture. What you actually get is a good indie rock album, with a dancy edge especially on tracks like Atlantis To Interzone. The track Golden Skans was what made me buy the CD as I liked the brit pop at it’s soul, in fact I think it has a bit of a Mansun vibe in it. This is the sort of album that would go down great at any Indie night in the country as it’s rock music you can dance to, it could even cross over into the dance clubs, especially with the excellent cover of dance classic ‘It’s Not Over Yet’. It’s a great mix of Indie and Dance that tries to do something different to the legions of Indie bands we have at the moment who are starting to clone each other, which is what caused the death of Brit pop the first time. Good on you Klaxons for trying something different.