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GTA Finally Goes Forth


After many delays, what will probably be the biggest game of the year now has a release date and it’s surprisingly soon. The new chapter hits the next gen consoles on April 29. The series returns to Liberty City (aka New York) and this time follows Russian gangsters. I didn’t really get into GTA San Andreas but am looking forward to this new part, especially with it making it’s hi def debut, should look stunning.


Master Chief Reigns.


  In a not entirely big surprise, Microsoft/Bungie’s Halo 3 has broken all records for everything apparently.  On it’s first day of release the FPS game has made over $170million in the US alone! That is almost triple of the opening day totals of films like Spider-man 3, it has even made more money than the first day sales of Harry Potter books. You have to think that the two movie studios that pulled their money out of a proposed film with Peter Jackson are probably crying into their latte’s today. So how is the game, well as an xbox 360 owner I had to have it and it’s not bad, though not up to the hype. The single player looks amazing on the graphics front as you run through the jungle, and with improved weapons it’s quite good fun. I’ve only played a bit so far as I was soon online and that’s where the game comes into it’s own. It’s a long time since I had a good laugh on an online game, and this is the kind of game where you are shouting playful abuse at your mates as they stick a grenade on your head! If you have Live and/or played the previous Halo games I think you will enjoy it.