It’s not very often I would do a games review but this one is very special and so I thought I would review it, also I managed to finish it as well!

  When I collected my Xbox 360 on release one of the first games I bought was Call Of Duty 2, it was an impressive game and with the online I was still playing it over a year later. Call Of Duty 3 wasn’t as good as it’s predscessor and was a let down online as well. With another chapter coming out the producers decided to drop the WWII theme and brought it up to date and they have made a great choice.

  The game takes place in a sort of alternative now, where a ultra Nationalist Russian is trying to take his homeland back to the communist days, then you also have an islamic terrorist threatening nuclear attack. You play the game through two different people, firstly an SAS rookie then a member of the US Marine Corps.  As the story develops you cross between the two characters. As you progress through the story you hget different styles of mission fromall out attacks to sniper missions to air assault. Two real highlight levels are one in Chernobyl as you and another soldier sneak through the city avoiding tanks troops and wild dogs! The other level which I thought was the best was one where you take control of the weapons of an AC 130 Herciles gunship. In what is a scarily realistic mission you provide the ground troops air support through a black and white night vision view. It looks like everything we see on the news from the worlds battle scene. There are some real plot twists and shocks along the way and a finale which makes you feel like a real hero. It’s only a shame that the single player is over so soon, I finished it in about 7 hours.

  If you have xbox live though the short span of the single player isn’t that much of a deal as the online is brilliant.  This fourth installment may have new weapons but it plays a lot like COD2 which was really good fun online. They have also taken a few pointers from Halo 3, with the ability to create parties amongst you’re friends so you can go online as a team. They also have the ranking system which unlocks various weapons and perks the more you play. There are standard deathmatches as well as more objective based games.

  The single player maybe way too short but it is very satisfying, and with a great online package as well you can’t go wrong. It’s gonna be a hard act to follow for the opposition.  Rating 9/10