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Super Bowl Blockbusters

There was a small little sporting event yesterday, that for the film fan usually means big movie trailers, yes it was Super Bowl Sunday, and while the Denver Broncos were getting their arses handed to them by the Seattle Seahawks, a few trailer were debuted for a couple of this summers blockbusters. Following the few I posted on here at the start of the year, these were more full trailers so here are a few for your delectation!

First up we have the first glimpse at Michael Bay’s return to the Transformers franchise, after saying he wasn’t going to do another one, Paramount bribed him by financing Pain & Gain, a film he had wanted to make for a while. This 4th addition isn’t a reboot but it does see a new set of human characters for us to follow. It also sees the first appearance of the Dinobots, which the die hard fans have been crying out for in the franchise. It looks pretty much more of the same, which isn’t a bad thing, and I like Mark Wahlberg and hopefully he won’t be a dick like Shia LaBeouf was in the last film!

Next up is the film I am very excited about, Captain America: The Winter Soldier. The first teaser trailer was great and set up the tone of the film really well, and this one takes it to an even higher level. Nothing more to say just watch it!

Next we have a long trailer for Spidey’s return, in The Amazing Spider-man 2. I was a little nervous about this one, due to all the villains, but watching this trailer it looks great. I especially like Spidey’s quips which were a bit lacking in the Raimi films but were warming up in the re-boot.

Finally it wouldn’t be right to not have a bit of Muppet action! The last film brought the Muppets back with style and great songs and I hope this one keeps up the quality. I  am especially happy that Brett Mckensie  of Flight Of The Conchords, is back on song writing duty again, and I even spied his Conchords co-hort Jermaine Clement in the trailer. It appears that they are following the funny campaign they used on the first film.




2014 Trailer fest.

With 2013 nearing it’s end, the film studios are trying to get us excited for what 2014 has to offer, especially the big summer blockbusters. This week has seen a large amount of trailers released for some of the big films we can expect in the next 12 months.

Possibly the biggest film of next summer is the return of the webslinger himself in The Amazing Spider-man 2. Andrew Garfield returns in the red and blue suit, this time facing off against a bevvy of villains. Early promo material showed Electro (played by Jamie Foxx)  and Paul Giamatti’s Rhino as the main villains but in the last week a speak peek poster hinted at the return of the Green Goblin as well, and this trailer proved that right, though which member of the Osborn family is donning the suit is still not clear, Chris Cooper’s Norman Osborn or Chronicle’s Dane DeHaan as Harry Osborn.  Despite it covering similar material to the Raimi films, I quite liked the first film and look forward to this, but I do have my reservations about the number of villains. We shall find out this summer.

With Marvel’s Phase Two underway with Iron Man 3 and Thor: The Dark World, next to hit the big screens is Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Cap is back on his own after his dalliance with The Avengers and working for SHIELD, but all isn’t what it seems and an old friend is coming back. Chris Evans is back in the stars and stripes along with some familiar faces from the Avengers, Scarlett Johansson, Coby Smoulders and Samuel L Jackson. Adding a great deal of gravitas to the film is Hollywood legend Robert Redford as a head of SHIELD. The trailer looks great and this is one of the first films I am really looking forward to in 2014.

One film that isn’t a comic book movie and could be huge in more ways than one, this summer is the revamp of the Japanese monster classic, Godzilla.  Obviously Hollywood tried their hand at Godzilla back in 1998 with disaster master Roland Emmerich at the helm. It wasn’t a terrible film, I actually enjoyed it until it ripped off Jurassic Park near the end. To bring it up to date for the 21st century, the responsibility of bringing him back to big screen has been passed to Gareth Edwards. This British director is mostly known for his 2011 film Monsters which was shot on a small budget with the visual effects created on his home computer, but looking like a Hollywood Blockbuster. Monsters didn’t contain a lot of monsters, but the ones it did looked amazing and it seems like a no brainer to give Edwards control of the ultimate monster movie. It’s not a bad cast either with Walter White, himself, Bryan Cranston and the first team up of the future Avengers Scarlett Witch and Quicksilver, Elizabeth Olsen and Aaron Taylor Johnson. Check out the trailer below, visually it looks beautiful.

A film that recently had a name change, is Tom Cruise’s next blockbuster Edge Of Tomorrow, originally called All You Need Is Kill. A cross between an alien space battle movie and Groundhog day where Cruise’s space soldier keeps finding himself in a time loop, constantly repeating the same day over and over. Also starring the lovely Emily Blunt, it looks okay and to be fair I haven’t seen any bad Tom Cruise films, so hopes are high.

After finishing off your renowned Batman trilogy how do you follow it up, well for Christopher Nolan it’s heading into the stars. As usual with Nolan, the details are being kept very secretive but today saw the release of the teaser trailer, which doesn’t show a lot but looks interesting.

After his segway into the Superman universe with Superman Returns, Bryan Singer is back at the wheel of the X-men franchise, with Days Of Future Past. If you watched the excellent, The Wolverine, this summer and stayed through the credits, there was a nice sneak peek at this film. What makes this film an exciting prospect, is not only the return of Singer but also that it brings together the cast of both the original X-men and the First Class cast, in a time travel storyline. It has already had a nice viral campaign, but here is the trailer and quite moody it is!


Next year promises to see the release of 3 huge Superhero films. Following on from Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk and this years Thor and soon to be released Captain America, there will be Joss Whedon’s, The Avengers. At the moment we have seen one photo of a line of chairs. For the other two big releases we have though seen a lot more, with the release of two teaser trailers. First up we have probably the most anticapted film of 2012, The Dark Knight Rises, Christopher Nolan’s conclusion of his Batman Trilogy, we don’t know a huge amount about the film as is Nolan’s way. We do know it features Bane and Catwoman and this teaser doesn’t reveal much more, but it does whet the appetite!

The other huge superhero film released next year is the reboot of Spider-man, now called The Amazing Spider-Man. Replacing Tobey Maguire in the red and blue suit is, The Social Network’s, Andrew Garfield. Joining him are the lovely Emma Stone, Rhys Ifans, Martin Sheen, Sally Field And Denis Leary. Directed by Mark Webb, have to say the trailer didn’t really blow me away, just looks like they are making Spider-man Begins, a darker take on the character, and I have to agree with one of the you tube comments, it does look like the director has been playing Mirrors Edge too much. Check it out for yourself.

Trailer Bonanza

I apologise for the lack of posts lately, but I haven’t been to see anything since Senna. Anyway it seems to be trailer release week, with a few big profile previews appearing on the interwebs.

First up, the trailer for Ethan Hunt’s 4th appearance for IMF, in the nicely titled Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol. Tom Cruise returns along with Simon Pegg and joining them is The Hurt Locker and future Jack Ryan, Jeremy Renner. The film also see’s the live action debut of Brad Bird as director after his work in the animated field with Pixar. Have to say it looks pretty good.

Next up, the trailer for Steven Spielberg’s second film awaiting release, War Horse, based on the novel by Michael Murpugo.  It follows a boy and his horse as they get involved in World War 1. Seems to have a similar tone to Empire Of The Sun, and no doubt will  have you reaching for the tissues before the end. It’s Spielberg, so as you will know if you have been reading this blog, means it’s a definite for me when it’s released in Januray 2012.

With Cars 2 already out in the US and on it’s way to our shores, the teaser trailer is out for Pixar’s next film, Brave. It’s the story of a young girl Merida in Scotland, voiced by Kelly Macdonald, who defies an ancient ritual and puts her kingdom into chaos. As usual from Pixar, it looks gorgeous, shoudl be interesting.

Finally here’s a film that looks like a little oddity, but has my interest straight away. Apollo 18, is another of the found footage type films, this time it is what really happened on the Apollo 18 mission to the moon. But there was no Apollo 18 mission, I hear you cry.  Thats the twist, there was, but we were never told about it and this film shows why. I have to admit, I am a NASA freak and love all the Apollo stuff, visting the Kennedy Space Center was one of the best days of my life, so I really like this idea, whether it’s any good is another matter, but we’ll see. With this and Transformers, it’s a big year for Moon Landing revisionists!

After a few a parody trailers, we have finally got the full trailer for the new Muppets Movie, and it’s great. Had me laughing quite a lot, and it has the future Lois Lane, Amy Adams in it , could it get any better? Really looking forward to this.

Monkey Madness

Not sure when this was put up online, but just seen it and thought it was interesting enough to put up on here. It’s the trailer for 20th Century Fox’s revisit to the Planet Of The Apes. Rather than follow up Tim Burton’s derided remake, this one is a prequel, that shows us how Chuck ended up on his knees screaming, or basically how the monkeys took over. It’s got a pretty good cast including everyone’s favourite Oscar host, James Franco and Slumdog Millionnaires Freida Pinto.

Have to say from the trailer, the chimpanzee’s look pretty amazing and very creepy. Not sure about it though, could be interesting or a steaming pile!  Well see for yourself.

I read earlier in the week that a trailer was about to surface for David Fincher’s remake of the The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, and today a bootleg version has popped up on Ainitcoolnews, and wow!  I recently finished watching the original trilogy and thought they were amazing films, and despite it being David Fincher, didn’t see the point of the remake. Having watched this trailer, i’m starting to change my opinion. It seems to have the tone right and not watered down at all. The trailer reminds me a lot of Se7en, and it sounds like Karen O doing a dark cover of Led Zepplins Redemption Song over the top of it. Check it out. Can’t wait to see this in December!!



Seems Sony weren’t happy about the leaked trailer on You tube so it has now been pulled, but they have now put up the official green band version (Less rude and violent) for you delictation, here’s a link:


Muppets Trailer

Last week they revealed the poster for the new Muppets film, well today they have released the first trailer for the film, and well, it’s a little different!  Still really looking forward to it.

Check it out:

(I should have Attack The Block review up tomorrow!)

Tintin Trailer

After yesterdays Poster unveiling, today we get the teaser trailer, And I have to say I love it! I’ve watched it a couple of times and I love the animation style. I think Tintin himself, looks great and very realistic, also like the little sneak peeks we get at Captain Haddock, the Thompson Twins and I’m sure I saw professor Calculus in the trailer as well. Check it out for yourself at:

I had seen a few clips and teaser trailers for the Green Lantern and even though i’m a big comic book movie fan and a Ryan Reynolds fan (love Van Wilder), I still wasn’t that drawn to the film. Just watched this trailer online and have to say, that’s it I really want to see this now!  Check it out for yourself at: