Never thought I would be writing about a stand up gig on here, but enjoyed myself so much thought i’d put up a small piece about it. You might know Greg Davies from Mock The Week, Ask Rhod Gilbert, and The Inbetweeners. It’s hard to miss him, standing at a whooping 6″8, and rather cruelly described by the aforementioned Rhod Gilbert on an episode of Never Mind The Buzzcocks, as ‘the bloated corpse of Rick Mayal’, a bit harsh!   I only saw The Inbetweeners for the first time this year when they showed all three seasons over three nights and loved it, and Greg is brilliant as the year head teacher, and now we know why as he used to be a teacher. This is one of the things we learned about him tonight from his act. As with most acts who come to the Huntington Hall, it acts as a great opening topic due to it being an old church, with it’s altar and gold eagles, and Greg noted how he felt bad talking such filth in a church.  His act was very funny as he broke his life into age gaps and the one event that defined each section of his life, with titles such as Selfish Mum and Spaces. I didn’t really know what to expect from the gig as I haven’t really seen him do Stand Up on the television, but I wasn’t disappointed at all. He had a great relaxed style and seemed to warm to the audience as much as they warmed to him.  He didn’t go for the aggressive piss taking of the audience that some comedians do, which I think helped the audience be more open with him, especially when it came into school nick names. Over the two hours I laughed my head off and was sad when it ended, but the finale was fantastic, as he asked if anyone had any questions and a girl out of the audience asked for a piggy back! He said yes and proceded to do the last five minutes with an attractive young lady on his back!  A brilliant night and I can’t recommend his show enough, if he is playing near you try and get a ticket.