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Track Of The Day


Help Me Please – Hard-Fi (lp. Help. A Day In The Life)

I was just driving home from work and this song came on, on a compilation CD I made back in July and I forgot how good it was.  One of many good tracks on the Warchild album,  this sees the band toned down from their usual rock sound. The first time I ever heard Hard-Fi was on Gonzo I think and they were doing an acoustic version of album track, Stars Of CCTV. That performance showed a surprising softer side and so with this track, which gives a real emotional tone to the song especially in the context of the album it comes off.  As the cd came out earlier this year you can now pick it up very cheap on sites like, it is well worth a purchase, also featuring new tracks from Coldplay, Radiohead,  Razorlight, Bloc Party, a couple of fun covers from Keane and the Kaiser Chiefs and a really great new Gorillaz track as well. Don’t let the charity album tag scare you off!


Track Of The Day


Hayseed Dixie – Ace Of Spades (lp. Let There Be Rockgrass)

Yes this is a cover of the classic Motorhead track, but not as you know it. This Southern American Bluegrass band have grown a big following thanks to their distinctive covers which started with an album of AC/DC covers.  It was this version of Lemmy’s classic which first grabbed my attention, replacing the rocking guitars and fret work with Banjos and violins. This isn’t as dull as it sounds, the banjo playing is phenomenal I’ve never heard such fast fingerwork. If that wasn’t enough the vocals are excellent, the southern pronounciation of some of the lines is great and completes the whole sound. If you get a chance to hear this do, okay if you’re a die hard Motorhead fan you probably hate it!

Track Of The Day


The Raconteurs – Broken Boy Soldiers (lp. Broken Boy Soldiers)

  As a big Brendan Benson fan I was really excited when I heard that he was forming a group with bestest mate Jack White, as were the music press. Now here we have the third single from their great album of the same name. The track is a rocking number with some inventive drum rhythms and nice jangly guitar. All this is topped off with jack White screeching out the lyrics in a way that sounds like his voice is about to explode under the pressure. It’s released on 23rd October, check it out. 

Track Of The Day


Our Mutual Friend – The Divine Comedy (lp.Absent Friends)

For me Neil Hannon is an unrecognised musical genius, I’ve been a fan since I first heard ‘Something For The Weekend’ and have got all the albums and most of the singles.  What I love about the band is the clever and witty lyrics but also the beautiful music they produce, these tunes are almost like film scores, in fact the theme to Father Ted came from their song ‘Songs Of Love’ and they also had the theme to Tomorrows World as well. The track I have chosen today is from the Second most recent album ‘Absent Friends’ a return to form for the band. The track tells a story of meeting someone and thinking she was the one before the betrayal of a friend! The lyrics are great and paint a picture but what I really love is the score especially the middle eight and last half of the song which is fantatstic, it really picks you up. I can see the Divine Comedy one day doing film scores if they keep going.

Track Of The Day


Goldie Lookin’ Chain – Shit To Me (lp. The Manifesto) 

Since I heard the track, ‘The Maggot’ on one of those free cd’s you get with music magazines, I have been a massive fan. They are a real breath of fresh air amongst all the Indie bands and dance tat.  I have been to see them Live as well and i’ve never seen an audience paying so much attention to the lyrics, and laughing as much. They are a real riot live and are definitely worth seeing. My choice of track today is a live favourite and one you might not have heard, and definitely won’t be getting played on the radio. The track is ‘Shit To Me’, the GLC’s tirade at everyone you can think of from Madonna to Usher. They let rip with some very colourful language, but they do it so well, I have admit I agree with the criticism they level at most of the acts. Britney certainly takes a bit, especially about her physical attributes!  If you love the Goldie Lookin’ Chain then you must hear this track, the only problem is that the track was only on one of their early internet albums, which haven’t been released in the shops, but check out the net or look on ebay where I got my copies from.

Track Of The Day


Elliott Smith: Son Of Sam (lp. Figure Eight)

A song about a serial killer doesn’t sound like an obvious choice for a great track, but Elliott Smith pulled it off with this one. The song is about Sam Horovitz, known as The Son Of Sam, who went around New York in the summer of 1977 killing couples in their cars. You would think a song about a serial killer would be a dark gothic rock song, the kind Marilyn Manson does, but no this is an upbeat acoustic song, which owes it’s sound to the Beatles. I first saw it on the old MTV show Brand New, where the stylistic video caught my attention and soon the song had buried itself in my head forever.  Sadly Elliott Smith died a couple of years ago in suspicious circumstances and has been missed, Ben Folds even wrote a song in tribute to him on his last album.  Son Of Sam is a song that deserves to be heard more.

Track Of The Day


 Every now and then I like to make compilation CD’s for a couple of friends to keep them up to date with some of the new music. Recently a friend of mine who reads this blog (alright Boz!) suggested I should do something similar on here, so I am doing a Track A Day. I shall hopefully be putting a track on here that I love and recommend, that If you want to check out you can. They will sometimes be singles sometimes album tracks, not always new tracks, but a few older ones as well. Let me know what you think of the tracks if you already know them or have heard them for the first time.

The Flaming Lips: The GASH (Lp. The Soft Bulletin)

  The Soft Bulletin was the album that sort of broke the Flaming Lips in the UK, with the singles Race For The Prize and Waitin For A Superman grazing the charts. It was while making up a tape for a friend that I went through the album looking for a track, and this one just stood out a mile. It’s a hard track to describe, it’s a big epic sounding track but with a weird sound, one critic i think described it like a bizarre muppets track, and from the opening you can see where he is coming from. The great thing about the Flaming Lips is that they don’t sound like anyone else, and some may find Wayne Coynes voice a turn off, but it’s more about the soundscapes they create. I suppose you could say it’s a little bit like Bohemain Rhapsody, which the Lips recently covered brilliantly. Sorry I know thats a bit vague, but it really is a great track but just very different.