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Bauer Is Back.


If like me you are a fan of television series 24, then you might want to check this out.

It is a 2 minute preview of Season Six which starts in the US in January and some time after in the UK. I hope it is an improvement on Season Five which I thought was the weakest yet. From the trailer it is looking pretty good with a few familiar faces returning, as well as a few new ones, in fact I believe our very own Eddie Izzard is in the new series as a bad guy!  Jam bombs all round then!


Bite My Shiny Metal Ass!!!


Nothing like some really good news at the end of the week! Just been on top movie site,, and they had the great news that the legendary Futurama is returning. The classic series was produced by Simpsons head honcho Matt Groening, and ran for 72 episodes between 1999 and 2003 before much to everyones disbelief it was cancelled by Fox. Despite this it when onto to sell phenomenal amounts of DVD’s and gathered a huge cult following. There have been rumours for the last few years of a return and now finally it’s official. The Comedy Central network has done a deal for the rights to the existing episodes and the new set which willl be at least 13 long. The original voice talent will all return but you will have to wait, the new series won’t air till 2008!! Oh well have the DVD’s to keep us going till then!

The Dead Zone


As you may have guessed I like my television shows and one of my favourite is The Dead Zone. It’s based on a Stephen King novel which was also made into a film by horror master David Cronenberg starring Christopher Walken. The basic story of the film and the series is about Johnny Smith a high school teacher who is one night involved in a terrible car accident and ends up in a coma for six years. When he awakes he finds that he gets psyhic visions of things that have happened or will happen, when he touches objects or people. This includes visions of armageddon from a budding local politician who will do anything to get to the white house. 

 Johnny Smith is played by former 80’s child star, Anthony Michael Hall (Breakfast Club and geeky kid in Weird Science), who brilliantly protrays Johhnys unease but fascination with his powers. The special effects in the show are as good as any hollywood movie , especially when Johnny has flashbacks and time freezes around him. I can’t  recommend this series enough, unfotunately the main channels in the UK ignored it, apart from Five but then they put it on in the middle of the night. The best place to catch it is on the   Sci-fi channel, when the fifth season begins in a few months time.  Of course the best place to catch the US series is on DVD, but avoid the UK releases as it has no extras, instead get the Region 1 sets with commentaries and excellent 5.1 Surround Sound. You can pick these up at for only £17.99 each season. Check it out! 

Also it’s well worth checking the movie out, very good film with one of Christopher Walkens best performances.

 smallville cast.jpg

This evening I sat down to watch what I thought was to be the last ever episode of my favourite show ‘Smallville’. Last year I read that this was the last season and would tie into the movie coming out this summer. So as the time ran away to the end of the episode I started to feel a bit of sadness that it was about to end, but no, I was wrong, theres gonna be another season, hurrah, and it looks like it wil be a stormer, shame i have to wait till next January! Cannot wait, supes off in space and evil lex in control, what else could you want.